Friday 23 September 2016

2016, Knowle Art Group Annual Exhibition

I cannot believe that 12 months has passed since our last exhibition. I have just browsed the blog looking for a reference and realised that the last post was our last (2015) exhibition notice.

I have not even reviewed how last year's went. Well, it went very well, both considering visitors and sales; but this years which we held last Saturday was even better. We are getting wise to ways of promotion and I have come to believe that prior advertising is a little bit of a nonsense.

Yes, we need to tell friends and family and even visitors from previous years but the general public, who often buy paintings, don't make arrangements to visit small amateur exhibitions like ours, based on prior advertising. It is the signs/posters and banners which we put up around the town and on the main roads which attract those who have come in to do a bit of shopping.

I am able to boast another sale from my semi-abstract landscape portfolio.

I have actually been posting these pastels on a Facebook page,

which you are very welcome to visit. This was originally started to promote sales on Zazzle. I have been designing a number of products with these images and even hoping that I might sell a printed canvas or two, you never know! But of course in actual fact without heavy involvement all I am selling is the occasional  greeting card or equivalent, LOL.

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