Monday, 26 March 2012

Mixed Media and Collaged Art on Zazzle

I have been busy with so many things just recently that crafting has taken a bit of a back seat. I have joined an on-line (free) art course. The artist is intending to produce one lesson per week over the next three years. A tall order but as an art teacher she believes it possible to create a course equivalent in content to a three year art school course. Without the final qualifications of course. The Art School - Learn How To Paint and Draw is only just starting, time to get on board, you can't lose. There is also a group on FaceBook to act as a focal point for contact between the members of the course and allow tutorials.

I have also started to take up my guitar again, seriously; and have attended what could be an inaugural meeting for a new Shadows related guitar group. First time that I have played in public and really enjoyed myself.

I have also been adding a few images to products iin my Zazzle store, hopefully a way of earning a little pocket money from my art. I thought it warranted a few examples posted on here.

A tee-shirt using a marbled paper design is the first:-

A collaged image on a truckers' hat:-
An a collaged deign on a greeting card:-
birthday card, a message by owl delivery, HAPP... zazzle_card
birthday card, a message by owl delivery, HAPP... by artyfax
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 Most designs can be seen on a wide range of products which can be customised by potential purchasers. If you prefer, you can also see the same products in my UK Zazzle store.