Sunday, 27 January 2013

Collaged Row Houses and 365 journaling prompts

Do you remember my attempts at Little row houses?

Well these are a few of them. But I have written a Squidoo lens about using this idea as a project for kids during rainy days and holidays. A bit of card and a magazine or two, and simply answering the question who lives here. A wonderful art project to get them thinking and using their creativity. Or maybe you want to check it out for yourselves, be my guest.

Collage Project For Kids, Little Row Houses

SECONDLY FOR TODAY:- Do you have problems with new ideas to keep up a flow of craft ideas for your projects. Then you need this free e-book,

to be found at Cynthia's Blog, but be warned it is 15.6 MB so you will need broadband. It is well worth the effort and I know I shall be using this often.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Collaged art on I-phone 5 cases

Mmmm, I was going to post a couple of things from my new Red Bubble account. I have added two designs from collaged atc's to products. In fact i-phone 5 cases (also available on others). I have posted these on here before a little while ago but I think it is worth illustrating the designs again as there are subtle differences, especially in the second. I have digitally copied and pasted the text several times to make it more relevant to the product.

I haven't yet got the hang of the finer points of Red bubble but this is what they look like on the products.

See them on the Red Bubble site they are £20.60 if you are interested. I find the combination of new technology and an old and low tech art form quite interesting. I am going to rifle my old images of ATC's and ACEO's to create a whole slew of these things. Of course, it involves a little work but all in the hunt for a passive income when I retire; ha-ha, what a laugh. I spend more time on the PC than I used to spend when I worked full time. At least I had the evenings free.

I woiuld love to know what you think about the combination of rough 'n' ready and high tech.

Monday, 14 January 2013

A quick interim post - mixed media work

Christmas has been a very busy period and I have found little time for art work of any kind but I have been reviewiing some of my older work and hoping for inspiration.

I have also been posting mixed media work on Redgage, a great site which pays for your content by number of views, There is a great social side to this site and one can earn a little extra by sharing photos of anything, blogs and links to the web. Why not take a look, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme but can add up. I have seen members with $4.5K total after 4 years. Not bad for an internet, passive income stream.