Wednesday, 13 February 2013

PDA atc challenge, theme = valentine

Well it is February, and February in the crafting community (largely female) February seems to mean Valetines day. So taking this as the theme for this months ATC challenge, here I go:-

Two very similar but very different ATC's. Simple collage using one main image on a complementary background with a few well-chosen words to add meaning to the theme.

I am still not able to do more than paper-crafting because my geat/stash is all packed away due to the upheavals of last year. I will however be starting to sort out a more artistic approach (do I mean that?) during the next few months and hope to be creating far more adventurous items.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

PDA ATC challenge, theme = obsession

I don't know wether this theme was too "hard" for the usual participants, it certainly caused me a few false starts. Of course it may just have been that it was run over the christmas and imediate post-christmas period.

I decided to play it in a humerous way, after at least a couple of those false starts. I had looked up the technical terms for various manias, which my dictionary suggested I look up when I flipped thru the listing to find "obsession". Bibliomania was one of the first I tried but in the end I decided that that way forward just wasn't for me.

A search through my "stash" of photos/images led me to come up with the following ATC's:-

The first was titled, "She was an angel .... but she took so long deciding which shoes to wear." 

The second card was titled, "She was determined to kick the habit"

Both are simple collages, as I am still having a few issues accessing my craft supplies. Most still boxed up and packed away. I am missing some of my stuff which enabled the extra touches to my ATC's. Just hoping to sort out things as soon as possible. Still in the meantime, collage without the mixed media aspect will have to suffice.