Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Hub Pages is calling me .....

Well here we go, having deleted nearly twenty Squidoo lenses which I did not think would sit happily on HubPages, 79 of my remaining lenses have been transferred to that site. My profile on there is under my real name of John Dyhouse.

Only a few have been graced with the ignominious red skull, which indicates a violation of the TOS. These are not quite as lax as those of Squidoo so some work needed to edit the new Hubs to meet these new requirements. Looking at the marked Hubs, I find that they mostly refer to All-Posters images and Zazzle products. Both sites were "white-listed" at Squidoo so on some sites they were librally sprinkled throughout a lens. Luckily, I do not have too many of these.

The bigger problem will be revising the format of the best performing lenses which were all quite long. I shall be taking steps to cull some of the more pointless information, which I may well start to use to make the odd post on this or other blogs I currently write. Don't fear that I will be  flooding you with pointless information though. For instance, I have (had) a lens on techniques for making art trading cards,  Making Artist Trading Cards - 1001 Techniques  maybe you have read it. In it I cover many techniques which are not very common such as paper sculpture. I will probably leave this out of the revised Hub, and create a short post on this Blog.

So much for my new work schedule, though we lensmasters do have four months to edit and revise our new hubs it may well be a close call.

Now, what have I been doing this past month. Well my recent surgery has kept my crafting activities to a minimum but I do have the usual ATC cards for the monthly challenge/swap on Paper Digital Art and Images by Kim, the theme was to colour orange. Some very unusual interpretations but here are my entries.

This first card utilised a "lacy" black backing paper over an orange card. The vintage image was a lady wearing an orange dress.

This card is an abstract interpretation which had nothing whatsoever to do with the fruit. Hope you are able to enjoy the colours.