Thursday, 16 February 2012

Popular methods of creating artist trading cards

Best Review - Top 10 Best Media To Create ATC/ACEO's

I have recently joined the site Best Reviewer, which allows you to make top tens ( eg) for all sorts of things. My first top ten was the ten most popular methods/techniques for making artist trading cards.  The top ten is probably quite subjective but based on a wide experience of cards found on the web so I do think the list is a reasonable attempt at ordering these techniques. Unless you know better?

I would love to hear from any artists who find the list inaccurate, it would help me to make it more objective. Many of us tend to stick to a short list of favourite techniques and I think that tends to colour our view of things like this. So if you have a view, let me hear it - please.

Mixed Media and Collaged ATC's

Art and Craft has taken a bit of a knnock for me at the start of this year but I am hoping that the issuesa which have prevented me from creating have run their course and I will be able to get back up to full steam. I have four new atc's to show off today. As with many of my creations nowadays three of them were made for challenges on PDA and the last came out of a session whilst I was trying to organise my stuff - which I am terrible at. Not a lot to say about them so I will simply put them up.

Milk Anyone?

This was to have been on a theme of altered photographs, I guess cutting them up and layering them does constitute altering but not in the way I had intended. I have recently aquired a book on altering photos and I was taken with a number of the techniques therein. But things got in my way and so maybe manyana. The building is from a (modern) postcard of a medieval merchants house not far from where I live, the young lady was from a photo of a painting. I added a little gingham, because it seemed rustic and the text across the top to complete the composition.

 Some secrets are hard to keep

Can you keep a secret on the telephone?

The theme here was keeping secret. Lots of bits and bobs added to both collaged cards to tart them up a litttle.

Behind every good man.....

As I said I was trying to instill some order into my stash and thought, ah!!!! steam punk! I ferreted out the bearded man and a slighthly smaller image of the lady. They went together for me because of the direction sof their respective gazes. Just to finish off I found some ephemera and used some distress ink pads I had been given by a good friend on PDA, Jean.

Well time for dinner, back soon.....