Sunday, 13 February 2011

What is a Squidoo Lens?

Ok has that caught your attention? Well let me tell you. A lens is a single page website, so-called because it focuses down on a single niche subject. I have been writing on Artist trading cards, art in general, home cooking, sixties music and one or two odd ( sometimes very odd) subjects. I have always been interested in recording and writing on subjects that fascinate me and so when I came across Squidoo by accident I took it up as a (zero cost) way of writing and publishing articles in which I could get much more detailed than in a blog. So my first lenses were about artist trading cards.

But that was not all, I started to notice that my lenses were earning money not a lot but there it was. I became more interested in this idea and found that some lensmasters were earning 3 or four figure sums monthly. I thought I would give this a go and started to build a portfolio of lenses.In the early days I had set my controls so that any cash I earned went to charity, and over the first couple of years or so, 40 dollars was notched up by four lenses which I had done nothing to promote. Not a major sum but for no work..........

Over the past couple of months, I have been adding to this portfolio. Now - it takes some three months to start seeing any payments and this week should see my first payment of hopefully 6 or 7 dollars. Again not much but I have it on good authority that given time and a few more lenses ( I am aimimg at 100 at least) this could be a little pocket money each month. And if I can make any sales via affiliate sites like Amazon, Zazzle or All-Posters, literally the payments could go stratospheric. Well get better, LOL.

If you would like to help me in this endeavour, please visit my home page at Squidoo.

Of particular interest would be the series of lenses on Artist Trading Cards which comprises four main lenses;-

  1. Making Collecting and Selling Artist Trading Cards
  2. Making Artist Trading Cards
  3. Collecting and Displaying Artist Trading Cards
  4. Selling Artist Trading Cards

Hope that you can manage to find time to take a little look, and then perhaps leave me a comment. Thanks in advance for your time.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Newly created ATC's

Not managing to get here as often as I should but physiotherapy is taking its toll of my time.

Here are three new ATC's which are on My Flickr photostream. As of today they are all available for trading, should they take your fancy.

Blue Muse, using an image of Marie Antoinette

Two's a couple

Roses are red

You might be interested in a Squidoo Lens that I have been developing, showing many of the different methods and techniques for creating ATC cards. If you know of any other methods or think that you have a card which uses something a little differently, I would love to hear from you and possily include it into the lens.

Just for information a Squidoo Lens is considered to be a single page web-site focusing on one small niche area of information please take a look I would be grateful for any comments or advice that you may have.