Sunday, 29 May 2011

Artist Trading Cards - My Pages On Squidoo have now posted 9 pages on Squidoo on the subject of Artist Trading Cards, and I wanted to take a step back and list them here. This blog is of course about ny new art works but because of things being busy at home I have been back pedalling on new artworks at the moment.

Of course this has meant that I have not posted here for over a month. So I am taking the opportunity to put in this list of articles I have been adding to Squidoo.

I also want to take this opportunity to give you a tantalising view of a new project. I have finally started on another assemblage project (see The Mermaids Garden), which has come about because of a new challenge on Paper, Digital Art and Images; I have been appointed as a designer on this site and one of the tasks is to complete an artwork based on a challenge given to us. I have decided to do this assemblage because it is outside my normal comfort zone although I do want to do many more of them in the future. Here is a partial view of some of the bits and pieces and how they are coming together.

You will see a tin box which I have started to paint; it has a black basecoat at the moment. A digitally produced image using one of the images which we had to use. A small glass jar filled with faux precious items, and its lid which has been topped with an image. A brass yale lock bezel with another of the set images. A "dangly" earing. More bits and pieces will be utilised and which are not included in this photo. The yellow hessian will be used. I hope that you will pop back in the next few days to see how this turns out.

But to get back to the purpose of this post, the Squidoo pages are:-

Making, Collecting and Selling Artist Trading Cards
Making Artist Trading Cards

Collecting and Displaying Artsist Trading Cards
Selling and Trading Artist Trading Cards
Ideas on Framing Artist Trading Cards
Ready Made and Easy ATC Backgrounds
Simple Collaged ATC's for Beginners- 1
Simple Collaged ATC's for Beginners- 1
Simple Collaged ATC's 

I am also part way through an article on using collographic techniques for ATC backgrounds, to be completed soon.

I hope tghat you can find something useful in these articles, thanks for staying with me this far anyway. See you next time.