Sunday, 15 April 2012

Free vintage photographs for collage art

I have started posting some old family photographs on to RedGage. An example is:-

The adults are my mother's parents. I accept that once a photograph is posted onto the internet it becomes fair game to some people, but I would be happy for these to be used in creating art. Only a few to be found there at present, but I intend to put a fair number on that page. Another example is:-

I am not even sure who these are, my mother had a collection of photos that she kept to herself for some reason.

Please feel free to visit my RedGage collection of vintage photographs to see if there are any of the photos that you feel you could use. I would be grateful for a mention and to know if you have used them but it is not a condition.

You might be interested to know that finding this collection upon my mother's passing, was instrumental in converting me into a collage artist. I have written about my first collaged ATC else where on this blog.

Happy creating!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A new venture - poetry

I posted yesterday of a new blog I am starting called Poems and Poetry on Life, as a starter for ten I have included what I consider to be my best 5 poems in a TOP 5 on best reviewer. This is really just a quick review of what I have been posting on the new blog but if quick is what you want, see what I think are my top 5 poems available on the web so far.

The other reason for this short post is to recommend Best Reviewer, actually a possible way of earning a little cash from on-line activities, especially if you have some thoughts on the sort of TOP x lists that might get lots of readers. If you want to join and make a few lists of your own why not try, register here.

But be warned this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, time patience and maybe lots of lists may be desired.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Broken Pieces, The Theme Of My Latest ATC challenge on PDA

Due to issues at home my available time for crafting is very limited at the moment but I have managed to at least get this one ATC finished in time to enter this challenge on PDA. The theme was broken pieces and boy did I have a little fun preparing the raw materials for this piece. A small hammer was the tool and a clam shell (I think) was the main material, which I smashed into quite small pieces. The idea was to use this to create a landscape on the ATC with the mother-of-pearl side uppermost to show its natural sheen.

I call this "Hot on the Rocks", the background is a marbled paper from my PDA friend Lynda Gilchuck  for which I am very grateful. The sun is a metal charm sold for embellishing cards which I aquired (legally) from a local Pound Shop. The title is of course a play on the words of that popular drink, "Scotch-on-the-Rocks".

I do hope that I am able to find time to get back to crafting/art regularly in the near future, I think that I am getting withdrawal symptons and getting involved in too many other things which will take time if I keep them up. For example, I have just started a new blog to cater for a new interest (well, a rediscovered interest really) in writing poetry. Something that has always gone hand-in-glove with my songwriting.

Watch this space.....