Monday, 2 April 2012

Broken Pieces, The Theme Of My Latest ATC challenge on PDA

Due to issues at home my available time for crafting is very limited at the moment but I have managed to at least get this one ATC finished in time to enter this challenge on PDA. The theme was broken pieces and boy did I have a little fun preparing the raw materials for this piece. A small hammer was the tool and a clam shell (I think) was the main material, which I smashed into quite small pieces. The idea was to use this to create a landscape on the ATC with the mother-of-pearl side uppermost to show its natural sheen.

I call this "Hot on the Rocks", the background is a marbled paper from my PDA friend Lynda Gilchuck  for which I am very grateful. The sun is a metal charm sold for embellishing cards which I aquired (legally) from a local Pound Shop. The title is of course a play on the words of that popular drink, "Scotch-on-the-Rocks".

I do hope that I am able to find time to get back to crafting/art regularly in the near future, I think that I am getting withdrawal symptons and getting involved in too many other things which will take time if I keep them up. For example, I have just started a new blog to cater for a new interest (well, a rediscovered interest really) in writing poetry. Something that has always gone hand-in-glove with my songwriting.

Watch this space.....

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