Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Collaged art on I-phone 5 cases

Mmmm, I was going to post a couple of things from my new Red Bubble account. I have added two designs from collaged atc's to products. In fact i-phone 5 cases (also available on others). I have posted these on here before a little while ago but I think it is worth illustrating the designs again as there are subtle differences, especially in the second. I have digitally copied and pasted the text several times to make it more relevant to the product.

I haven't yet got the hang of the finer points of Red bubble but this is what they look like on the products.

See them on the Red Bubble site they are £20.60 if you are interested. I find the combination of new technology and an old and low tech art form quite interesting. I am going to rifle my old images of ATC's and ACEO's to create a whole slew of these things. Of course, it involves a little work but all in the hunt for a passive income when I retire; ha-ha, what a laugh. I spend more time on the PC than I used to spend when I worked full time. At least I had the evenings free.

I woiuld love to know what you think about the combination of rough 'n' ready and high tech.

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