Monday, 25 June 2007

A NEW TECHNIQUE - for me anyway

Well I thought that for my first real post, I would reiterate the last post on my old site:-

I was researching 'collaging' for my Squidoo lens Making ACEO's one of a series of four on ACEO's and I became knocked out by some of the imagery that I was seeing. I decided that I had to explore the possibilities of this popular art form. My first attempt was called 'We Remember Them All'. The three photos in the piece are actually three uncles who were respectively in the navy, army and air force, from a collection of family photographs that I have just discovered from my mothers attic. They had passed to my sister and then to her son who wanted help in identifying the subjects. I did not even know of the existence of this collection until last week. So the two circumstances were quite coincidental. Anyway, the aceo:-

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Maybe not that artistic, but I was happy with it as a first attempt using the few resources at my disposal. Apologies to Naj, hope you don't mind but it seemed to fit so well. The backgound was chosen because I was going to work on a musical theme, but those photos haunted me. Three brothers, three services, it just had to be. I even left out a photo of my own father in uniform because of their relationship. definitely a personal choice.

I attempted another afterwards, titled, 'Smiling on the way to hell', again scarce resources were used. I must collect much more 'stuff' with potential before I get too involved or I may lose my enthusiasm due to poor results. I did however want to share these early pieces with you.

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This was based on a US poster from the '39-'45 period, and followed on from the theme in the first. The cartoon gave me the title, or was it the face of Uncle Sam. The V for victory badge (do you recognise the first two bars of this music?) was found quickly but I reduced the image of the army ration book far too much and it has lost its meaning as it is now unreadable.
I'm off to collect more photos and ephemera .........

BTW if you are interested in finding out more, or simply seeing more collage/altered art, or other paper based art Art-e-zine is a fantastic place to start.

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