Saturday, 3 September 2011

Free images for collage

I have been collecting old books for a while now, nothing exceptional just ephemera for my artwork and making use of the ocassional useful image. You can see some of these images which I have posted on my Flickr account. there are a number of sets on this page which contain the images. Last week I came across a book published in 1913 called, "Modern Musicians" which I thought was exceptional in that it had many B&W images of musicians of celebrities of the time. Some of them are still quite famous! I will be posting these on Flickr over the next few weeks but as a taster here are a couple of examples.

You can find larger, high resoloution versions of the images on Flickr and downloading from there - select ACTIONS - VIEW ALL SIZES. There will be many more in the coming weeks.

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artistamyjo said...

Love the images and thank you for sharing.