Wednesday, 5 October 2011

More on making money on-line

While I am on the subject ( see my last couple of posts), I though I would also mention this new venture. Not something which will make anyone rich overnight, but then few things on the internet are. I have joined RedGage the idea of which is to promote your web content and earn money from the number of views of it ( via RedGage). For instance I have been linking photos and art on Flickr, links to my Squidoo lenses, links to my Zazzle stores and generally posting new photos on Redgage itself.

After only a few days I started to see views to my content which is earning money. So far with only 20 items uploaded (now increased to 40) I have seen an accrual of $0.22. As I said not a get rich quick scheme but if I keep uploading at 5 items per day over the next 12 months, I can see this increasing considerably. Much more than I am earning from Adsense on my several blogs. Difficult to calculate what it might be but even at no increase over 52 weeks this could be 52 x 0.22 = $11.44.

I aim to upload 5-10 items per day. There is an importing tool but older users have told me that it has never worked. Some aspects of the site appear to be in beta form, for instance the login page does not look very professional. So it is possible that more work is needed byt eh owners of the site.

A little crystal ball gazing and a few guesses would be needed to make any real estimates  of longer term income since there are obviously so many variables but I have seen total income figures for a few friends on RedGage as follows:

No. of uploads......time since registering......Total income ($)
        84                             6 months                 34
       114                            2 yrs                       43
       424                            2 yrs                       50
       404                            2yrs                       600
       689                            2yrs                      2328
       600                            2 yrs                     3346
      1835                           2 yrs                       208

very clear that it is not a direct relationship between uploads and income although I have no knowledge of wether the people concerned were uploading from day 1. It is also probable that SEO coumts for a lot as with all things on the internet. BUT it is clear that money can be made from using RedGage to monetise your web content.

I will certainly be giving it a try, and SEO is obviously an area where I need to concentrate a little effort.

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