Friday, 30 December 2011

A slightly larger multimedia collage

Ok, christmas has come and gone and I am still not active at crafting. All my stuff is packed away in boxes and not available for short sessions. I have done a little painting, have been playing my guitar and of course with my computer. I have had a lovely new laptop as a present from my ever suffering spouse, so it must prove that she still loves me. Or maybe she thinks that at least with a laptop I can play on the computer and be in the same room.

One art piece that I have not yet posted on the blog ( it was posted on Flickr some time ago) is a piece I did for a challenge for the design team on PDA, and I wanted to do something a little different for me. In fact you would not know it from the photo but it is considerably larger than the ATC's I usually do.

Here it is:-

faded rose

Title: Faded Rose

The image of the young lady was one of a number of images on a collage sheet by Kim Newberg and this was the basis of the challenge. 
The background was a piece of matt board covered in torn craft papers. The flower was a gift from Jean Roman and the watch face also from Kim. The metal "frame" is actually a flattened kilner jar lid, an idea from Kim. In fact without Kim's unknowing input, I could not have made this piece. The other element is the butterfly; bought cheaply at a local store it has a spring loaded clip. I purchased three for potential use in future projects, this is the first.

I keep saying this but I do hope to get sorted out at home very soon, and getting back to some crafting. I am getting withdrawal symptoms and snapping at the people ( or person) that I should not be snapping at. The alternative is vallium! Not a good idea methinks.


analia cristina said...

Hi John,Happy New Year for you!!!!This work is very preety,simpatic and romantic.Great!!!

Artyfax said...

Thanks Analia, and a happy New Year to you too