Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Collaged Art Work

On a weekend away the hotel we stopped in had as usual prints on the walls. There were some collaged art works which really took my fancy. So much so that I took a couple of photos, meaning to use the style as a reference for some of my own work. These were:-

In fact googling the artists name, PG Gravele, I found that he is considered collectable especially in the Midwest (USA).

I also found that many of his works are available through All-Posters, which is very worth while a good look if youe are into mixed media. I did a little research into collage in Fine Art for an article published on Squidoo, Collage In Fine Art which did not throw up this artists name. However, this was probably because I was reading the historical angle rather than looking for modern artists. I will have to review the research and consider a wider search.

I will definitely be considering some work of this nature myself and will post here when I am happy with the outcome.

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