Saturday, 8 September 2012

Collaged Gluebooks, Lens awarded purple star

Just had to brag about my latest purple star award from squidoo.

A little while ago I wrote about collaged gluebooks on a squidoo lens; this has now been recognised with a very much sought after award ( on sqsuidoo) - a purple star. I am over the moon. I always knew it was a good lens but never seemed to do very well in the site rankings. I am terrible at SEO and those other boring things which get your websites found on google. Antway, I feel vindicated.

Friends who know my work may recognise some of these images from books I have created, but if you would like to see more read the lens, collaged gluebooks or view my photostream on flickr.

 Great fun to make and easy for kids on a rainy day. Any sort of book you like, a stick of glue or similar and a few magazines. Why not have a go yourself? You know it makes sense!

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