Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Getting Smaller, Inchies - another format

Inchies are not new, having been around quite a time but although I love working on a small scale I have never really gotten around to creating many. I made half a dozen for a challenge once upon a time. It was actually a challenge to create an ATC on the theme of squares and It seemed to me at the time that a set of inchies would just do the job if arranged on the ATC.

So what is an inchie. The answer is so simple and of course most of my readers will already know the answer. For those of you who are not really aquainted with the format, because that's what it is, I will explain. An inchie is simply made to an art format which is one inch square. Simples!

Usually they are a mixed media creation but not necessarily.

The reason for this posting is in fact another challenge and I thought I would do a quick search for examples and other mentions on the internet. It may give me some ideas and it would help anyone who has yet to come across them.

I came across this video on making inchie panels, or in other words sets of inchies which will fit together to make a larger image, which is then glued down to form a card similar to the one I show above.

The one issue I have with this sort of tutorial is that it is about selling a specific product, even the white pen is an INKTENSE white pen. I am quite capable as should any artist, of using the correct item without needing to know a trade mark. Of course advertising is acceptable in its place, but this sort of advert seems to say that if you want to make /create this you need this specific product. A step too far.

The web site on which I discovered this video is Inchies, which also has many other links which are relevant.
Find a Flickr group specifically for inchies here.
A great way to make inchies with lots of examples
More examples in a blog post from 2008
These are so very easy and anything goes that tutorial are over the top, but examples abound and there are some details on this link.

Well, I hope this gives you some ideas, if the format is new to you, maybe you will be having a go. I will come back with my own inchie adventures very soon.

This set of inchies is by Jean R Roman and was used on PDA group, Get your Art On which Jean moderates, to show potential traders what an inchie is. Note the inchies made with three-D embellishmenst which many of the earlier links do not include.

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