Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Mailart a la Warhol

Hope Andy doesn't mind me copying his idea - but I guess so many people have already done so, one more can't matter.

I did this for a postage stamp themed challenge, on make it mondays. I am as usual a little late but that is why I like this challenge...... I can do it when I have time, it is never TOO late. I can dip in and create an entry when I need to.

This is a digital collage made using a set of self-made stamps, created using a digital template from Lisa Vollrath.

I used four B&W images of some hirsute gentlemen, and used my photoplus v8 (FREE!!) to give them a colour cast. Adding the legend POSTE ARTIFAXIA and a fictitious cost, I don't know what pts stands for so don't ask - although I seem to remember in the distant past seeing this abbreviation in a certain mediterranean holiday destination. The text additions don't seem to have come out too clearly and I will have to remember this for the next time. Must not be too hurried when creating. I previously did a similar set using geisha images although these were coloured images and didn't require manipulation of the colour. You can see these on my Flickr photostream in the digital creations set. or on this blog.


Dragon said...

Yes you are late... but better than never!! Thanks for your comment on my blog

vintagepix said...

Those are great! Very clever idea - it pops :D

Sherry said...

Like this a lot John.

joey said...

Hiya John, hope you are well. I love this style of Art work, I was only thinking the other day of having a photo made up on canvas using this style. Great work. Joey.xx