Sunday, 14 June 2009

watercolour aceo paintings

I have been trying to get back into watercolour painting; since starting to collage I have been neglecting my painting and more especially my drawing. This video shows some of the paintings I have been doing over the past six months. It is another very quick posting I am afraid, real life is still interfering with my blogging. Apologies . I hope normal service will be resumed shortly.

Another thing... has anyone loaded IE 8. It is playing havoc with my ability to view Blogger web sites.

see you soon - I hope


Steven said...

I've steered well clear of IE8 until all the bugs are sorted. My philosophy is if it ain't broke don't fix it. Best of luck.

Nicks said...

i unistalled it!! heard since that it is not compatible with Vista.. lot of good that is!

Alizarine said...

Your art is fantastic.. but I already knew
Looking forward to following your work. Thanks for visiting my blog, too!!
Vista is a pain.. So many programs have just frozen up with it... ggrrrrrrr!!! I'm also waiting for bugs to be ironed out before I install 8.

Sian said...

I love all of your paintings and these are no exception. Great stuff!

(I've started using Google Chrome because I was fed up with IE8.)