Monday, 21 December 2009

More hand-made christmas decorations

I have a few more photos to share. My son has made a christmas wreath for the front door, and a star for the christmas tree from bits and pieces he collected from a walk in the fields across the road from us.

For the star he collected a few straight twigs, de-barked them ( not strictly necessary) and useed rafia to create a five-pointed star. This was then wrapped in red and green ribbons.

For the wreath he made a basic shape by tieing willow twigs into a circle and then layering this with holly, ivy, laurel and some mistletoe ( which we had to buy); finishing off with a red ribbon bow.


I also thought that I would show you some gingerbread biscuits which I,me, myself baked. I was quite proud of this, my very first attempt. I am a dab hand at breads and things like stews and fry-ups but these were my first biscuits. Sandra is going to ice these today before they are hung on the tree, which will more or less complete the project. Next year we will probably do the same again but give ourselves a little more time.


Ok, that's it for today, may be back tomorrow with a few more pics.
BTW, we went out last night to see the 40th anniversary tour of Steeleye Span and they did not sing Gaudete - what a let down. However, we did enjoy ourselves. It was a very icy night, so I did not have a drink in the interval (I don't do soft drinks) but enjoyed a pint of my son's christmas ale. A recipe using cinnamon to give a festive flavour to a very enjoyable pint; he is becoming a very expert home brewer. Cheers!!!


Maureen said...

The biscuits look tasty John - how long will they last? - happy christmas - maureen x

Sherry said...

What a creative lot you are. The biscuits look yummy!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family John x

My name is CINDY...... said...

Well done you - personally I think that it is more 'christmassy' to have decporations that are hand made than bought, but as you say in your lower post christmas just takes so much organising and if it becomes a chore it defeats the object!! I love the star and the biscuits look great.Brill.

Happy New Year to you and yours, Cindy x