Monday, 11 January 2010

digital versus collaged atc's

Hi a very quick posting this time. Got to thinking about some of the issues I was thinking about when I wrote the last post, so I had them in my mind last night when I was creating my entries for the Artful Ideas swap on Flickr.

I had been playing around with the theme, Steampunk, using digital techniques to experiment and amuse myself. The outcome was very acceptable, I thought; Mona Punk.

steampunk mona ? (digital manipulation)

Using digital teechniques I was able to resize, reselect and move elements around very easily. When I trie to reproduce this as a "cut 'n' paste" version I found a very different kettle of fish. Even tho' I had a clear idea of what I was going to do, It was no easy matter to carry it out. resizing was tedious, I introduced new elements because cutting out some of the originals would have been a chore so I decided in the end to simply stand back and start from very nearly square one.

In the end, I have probably got close to the digital version, except for the goggle yes but it was not easy.

steampunk mona ? ( collage)

Did it work? was it worth the extra effort? I think the eyes give an extra "rfun" element. My son actually bought me a selection of crafting items for christmas which included a whole pack of these eyes so expect more of the same. Have fun with your art/crafting.


Nicks said...

LOL she makes me feel very Smiley!

Artyfax said...

at least there's a good reaction, thanks Nicks

Naj said...

LOL .. Great fun, I 'm not the only one who does funny things to the mona lisa's eyes. Here's my digital creation

Artyfax said...

Hi Naj, nice to hear from you.

super gaadget. I love it when the cursor is on the bridge of the nose - had me in stiches