Friday, 15 January 2010

atc and danglies

Sat down to create an atc for a challenge/swap on PDA the theme was New Year Resolutions.

Well I don't usually do them myself - too lazy I guess. However, this year I decided to start trying to branch out with my atc work. I have used many, many techniques for challenges, etc; but always seem to slip back into the same old patterns. I thought, " now what I am I going to do to widen my use of techniques I know?" Let yourself go, the answer came back. So I did. Started with the clown image and added a few pearly pom-poms, added some strange thread ( some of you may know how to use it, I don't) and added charms dangling from threads. Well I did have fun but I am not convinced it has turned out a classic. But then perhaps I shouldn't worry about that. I haven't found a name for it yet either !!

I also did this pastel painting this week at my art group, it is about 12 x 9 inches. I don't know if it is a real location as I used an image off a birthday card, which I received from my son, as a reference. I liked the way this turned out, sometimes things just seem to go right.


Well off to do a little more atc'ing, but looking around for other projects to occupy myself with...


Nicks said...

Love your pastel work x

Anonymous said...
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Clare said...

Very nice indeed.

Artyfax said...

thanks Nicks and thanks also to Clare.

Don't know why it has happened but the deleted post above was full of strange characters rather than alphanumeric, and I have just received another from a different source. I am off to the HELP line but if anyone has experienced this drop me a line.