Tuesday, 23 March 2010

inchie row houses

A little while ago I mentioned a swap that I was involved in on PDA. This was to swap ten inchie row houses for ten of the same. my little creations were blogged here. I have recently received my trade, and here they are:-

Don't they make a superb display. Sorry about the flash effect in the centre. A wonderful collection of miniature works of art. The piece on the LHS by Lynda actually opens out like a tryptich. Hopefully I will find a better way of displaying them than in an old cardboard chocolate box , even if it is the right size. Thanks to everybody for the trade and especially Kim Newberg who runs the PDA site and hosted the swap.


nancy said...

Now those are really fun! Gotta get over to PDA as I keep saying.

Sherry said...

They do all look so good together - I'm glad I joined in with this swap - with mine I received yours 'Play It Again Sam' - fab!!

Artyfax said...

Thanks Nancy, yes, but it is keeping me extremely busy doing all these different things.

Artyfax said...

Hi Sherry. And I received "The Music Maker", a lovely piece