Monday, 1 March 2010

Yeah!!! An artist book fair at Solihull

I have just found out that our local library will be holding an ARTIST BOOK FAIR and exhibition this spring.The exhibition will run from 8th March until 8th May and the artists' book fair will be on 20th March. I am excitedly looking forward to being able to attend the fair and take in the exhibition several time. I have been playing ( or toying) with the idea of altered books and creating artist's journals for some time but time always seems short. i hope that this event will spur me to do something in this gendre.

I did get to do one altered book which you may have seen on this blog or on my Flickr photostream. It was a childs board book which I collaged using "scraps" left over from other collage work, which I collect rather than throw away. I have to admit as it was my first one I undersetimated how much thicker the book would be. I removed lots of pages but it still doesn't close properly. Enjoyed collaging using all the scraps tho, no need to spend lots of "unproductive" time looking for just the right image. I fully intend to do more.

There will be a number of workshops run during the exhibition but unfortunately I will not be available on the days when they are scheduled. Still, no doubt I will pick up lots of info talking to the exhibitors at the book fair. I plan an extended visit that day.

Having checked out sites by artists running some mini-workshops I am hopeful that I will be able to learn some new techniques and come away with lots of fresh ideas. EG :-

I had one of Jatinder's Secret Library folding books with the flyer and made it up immediately, I was so intrigued; really clever and interesting can't wait to see more. And there is a folding catalogue on Aimee's blog which I downloaded and made up.
Oh yes and there is a wonderful altered art site which I came across whilst reading these. It has no direct connection to the book fair but it is well worth a look; it features several artists' work and is so inspirational. Will undoubtedly mention this again after the exhibition starts.

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