Saturday, 27 February 2010

some new atc's collaged with images from crowabout

As you will know if you have been reading this blog, I have recently started to take part in the Collage Play With Crowabout group on Flickr. At a loose end this weekend, I have been looking thru some of the older collage sheets and have used some of the images together with some of my pre-made backgrounds to create a few atc's. It has been a little like a factory assembly line here, backgrounds and images to hand; no need to think about anything except composition and telling a joke ( gotta have a little humour!)

So this weeks post ( one a week - got to be able to do more than that!!!!!) is some of these atc's. Actually, it has ben a very busy week for me/us because we have been looking at some new kitchen units. Just a spur of the moment thing but all the big suppliers seem to have massive discounts finishing in a weeks time. So of course we had to make some very rapid decisions. If you are interested we have chosen to go with a range from Focus-DIY called Rockingham. Unlike some stores they did not try to push us into selecting expensive products under the guise of "PLANNING THE KITCHEN" but helped us to understand what we said we wanted. And the discounts really helped.

Any way I digress, the atc's I want to show you are:-

Title: Excuse me Modom, I believe it is time for your morning pick-me-up". Entered (too late unfortunately) into the Crowabout challenge for week #67


One done just for fun, " Fortunes told". I thought this was a super image and wanted to use it.


Title: "Unhappy". made for the Artful Ideas group swap on Flickr, theme: Bar Code.

See you all soon


The Scrappy Tree said...

I think your collages are amazing John, just wonderful :)

Julie Boeck said...

The Fortunes Told atc is just amazing!!

Artyfax said...

Thanks both, And Julie... you are not the only one to think that, after I posted it on Flickr it lasted about 3 minutes before a trade was requested.