Tuesday, 1 September 2009

altered book project finished article

As promised here is a view of the completed book. I said that it did not shut properly, and that I should take out more pages in the future for another attempt. I guess it is not too bad however for this sort of art work, maybe I am too critical. However I am quite proud of it. I kept focused for quite a while to finish it ( 24 collages) and managed to use up quite bit of the stock of scraps and off-cuts ( and a few items that were sent to me with atc swaps). here it is..........



Don't forget to view my You Tube vid to see all the images as they appear in the book.
oh, one other thing, the book I mentioned was "Altered Books Workshop: 18 Creative Techniques for Self-expression " by Bev Brazelton. Lots of new ( to me) techniques, can't wait to put some of them into practice and start my next project. The only problem is that over the next few weeks we have a couple of holidays coming up and so it may well be October before I can find the time.
Finally, a video in a series on You Tube which was fairly instumental in getting me started on this project. Note the box of scraps, and the layering, etc - wish i was this fast, LOL

See you around.

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