Sunday, 13 September 2009

Still creating atc's

It has been a little while since I posted any atc's on here, you could be forgiven for thinking that I had given up creating in this format. However of course, I could do no such thing, I not only enjoy creating the small art works but havae made so many friends over the net that I could no more contemplate stopping than of cutting off my right hand.

My latest series were for a swap challenge on Flickr, many of my friends will also be members of Maggies Monday Musings (MAMMA). This week the challenge theme ( set by Nancy )was anything to do with water. Well I had to do a little thinking for this one. Once I had my thoughts gathered I then spent quite a while gathering the elements I wante to use. I ended up with enough material for several cards but only entered three, or I might have been swapping with myself. The three entered were:-




I found a number of WC Fields quotes on water which I liked and may well turn them into a series. Here is one which I made which I definitely do not like now that it is finished. But I post it here to remind me that not all cards turn how how you want them to.


I now feel that the background is far too busy for the subject and that the text does not stand out well enough. But that is why I called the blog, "the trials and tribulations ....etc". I am not upset by having to show the failures.

I also made one from a balsa wood boat in a frame which I was given, sorry can't remember the source, but my thanks to whoever it was. I find that filing bits and pieces is a difficult enough job and always mix up the little gifts losing track of where they came from. here is that atc:-


and finally for today's post, a postcard. I found in my altered book, and with other "larger" formats that the simplicity of my atc's is somewhat lost. I don't know wether it is because there is more working space available but I seem to get more elements on the larger formats compared to atc's. Here is the postcard, "Confuscious, he say........."


I also found a number of quotes from Confuscious, so there is another potential series in the pipeline. This was entered for a challenge on Paper, Digital Art and Images by Kim or PDA for short.
Maybe I will include a few more atc's in a midweek posting.....


June said...

Ohh now which do i like best ?? i cant choose they are all so good. I love your collaging and also love the little framed boat thats so fun !!
Hugs June xxx

Agnes the Red said...

Great ATCs John...Well done for showing the one that went wrong. I think it theraputic to show and talk about the ones we see as 'disasters'...even when someone out there is bound to like it. We are our own worse critics and sometimes a little harsh on ourselves but it shows we aren't perfect, we are real artists and make real mistakes....and the mistakes ultimately make us better artists. Far be for me to criticise though, I'm no expert but I kind of agree with you on the ATC you don't like...the idea and caption is great but the background is perhaps a little busy and I felt it detracts from the saying and the main image. It's been interesting looking at it and thinking if 'I' had made this I would go about doing it differently. Don't throw it out and don't go trying to rework it yet...keep it, step back for a while and revisit it and you might see it in a different light later on and be inspired to do something else....but then you know're a great artist! Ange x

My name is CINDY...... said...

I absoluetly love your water series John, they are brill - and funny!! Thanks for popping by my blog and for your kind comments - flattery will get you evrywhere.

Cindy x