Monday, 26 October 2009

still here

Wow, can't believe that I have not made any posts in such a long time. I have had two holidays a little apart as this has been a special year for my wife and I ( 40th aniversary) and we have gone overboard and pampered ourselves. The first was a holiday in Norfolk ( here in the UK) as at the start of the year we thoought that we wanted to stay close to home because we were unsure about MIL after she had a fall and suffered broken bones. Later on after it had been decided that she should really be in a residential home we decided a second holiday in Lanzarote was now a possibility, found the most expensive and exclusive hotel and booked with them. Both were enjoyable as the weather was very kind both times although a little bit stressed at mealtimes in the UK. Is it cheaper for companies to restrict mealtimes to limited hours?

Anyway what have I been creating recently? Here are four pieces, two digital and two collages


This was for a challenge for a flickr group, and the theme was what do you get if you cross.... in my case I crossed a troupe of terpsichorean french ladies with an optomist; result CAN-CAN


A digital collage ( for a challenge on PDA) with a theme of RED.

Another digital collage ( again for a challenge on PDA) with a theme of Halloween/black cats.


And yet a third ( for a challenge on PDA) again with a theme of RED. This was called, "When I grow up"
Well that's it for now, I think I am very nearly up to date with real life so hopefully my posts will resume their usual timeliness.


Anonymous said...


In reply to your question: You may use the wording "one-of-a-kind" to describe your art cards. I don't. - I refer to my cards as "pocket-size original works of art". My cards are painted with paint and other mediums.

Any color copied card I use to promote myself is not an original work of art. It's a non-archival reproduction on plain paper without my signature.

If a digital collage is to be "one-of-a-kind"... should the digital file be erased after it is printed out?

Artyfax said...

Hi, thanks for answering my question.

I wasn't suggesting that colour copies stand in place of the originals; and my art cards which are traded or sold ARE always original ( OOAK is a common nomenclature in the atc/aceo world)which I have picked up on.

I was merely thinking that some people may see them as alternatives, e.g. limited edition prints - which I never do myself. In fact you have answered my question. Like yourself, I only ever sign originals - and that is the deciding factor. I think if I did this, I would also add ( on the rear of the art card where the artist's information goes) that it was actually a colour copy.

As far as destroying the file of digitally created art goes when a print is made, theoretically you may be right, however in the world of altered art it could be used as the starting point for further work. In my case I use them for reference and to maintain a record.

Linda said...

Here I was, wondering where you were hiding out and you were off on holiday. :) Congratulations on your 40th anniversary. I hope you had a grand time celebrating, it's truly a milestone.

I really liked your Halloween ATC. It's my favorite of the season.

Artyfax said...

Thanks Linda