Thursday, 15 April 2010

decorated egg - way out of my comfort zone

A decorated Egg; OK I admit it, this was one challenge on the PDA site, that I had intended to let pass by. Not my cup of tea at all!

However, on a shopping trip with my DW, I was looking around a garden centre with a craft section and found this polystyrene egg. I decided that I couldn't let the opportunity pass and purchased one of them ( about twice the size of a chickens' egg) and set about decorating it.

I skewered it so that I had something to hold on to and began by painting it with a gold acrylic paint. before it was dry I poured some silver sparkle on to a scrap of paper and rolled the egg in it to get a good and overall covering. After it had dried the glitter was quite loose so I sprayed it with the sealer I use for my pastel artwork. A good coating to make sure that no bits of glitter came off and gave me a firm surface to start to work with.

a decorated egg........

The heart shape was a tiepin/badge for the British Heart Foundation which I had recently purchased ( yes I bought it!) and decided that it needed more of the same to stop it looking so lonely. I had some faux gems of various colours and they were just the job. The red ribbon was something I had just purchased of Kim Newberg using PDA points which I had won on the Paper & Digital Arts web site run by Kim for taking part in various challenges amongst other things.

Anyway the ribbon looked a little bare so I finished it off with a length of gold braid which I had had around in my stash for some little while. I put the resulting egg in amongst a vase of chrysanthemums, and took this photo - it seemed to fit quite well.

Actually although a new community site ( on the NING network) there are lots of different craft based challenges going on and you may find something to interest you. Why not pop over to PDA and give it a go.

- thanks for looking in, see you again soon.


Sherry said...

Great job John - it's amazing what we can do if we put our mind to it even if it is out of our comfort zone. I like how you've displayed it in the plant pot.

Artyfax said...

Thanks Sherry. How else do you keep the egg upright?LOL