Sunday, 29 August 2010

Assemblages, my rusty bucket collection

I must have mentioned my flirtation with assemblage. Since reading "The Secret of Rusty Things" by Michael de Meng, I have been collecting bits and pieces which I may be able to use for such a project. Mostly things from around the house mostly, but I have been keeping them in an old bucket in the garden ( plus a little bleach for good measure) to get them good and rusty. It is cooking nicely! Thought that you might like to see a photo or two.

an overall view

some drawer runners from the old kitchen units to use as structural elements in any larger assemblages

old taps, springs and brackets

some of the smaller, deliciously rusted items; note the bits of conifer tree which found their way in the wind into my bucket

not quite sure what I will be doing with the scissors but I will use them I am sure
bits of plumbing, an old plane and a couple of cake slicers

 the top of a throw-away barbecue, more taps and a sardine tin ( will find another use for this one)

old salad servers and an empty sealant tube. If you have read MdeM's book you will know how useful an empty sealant tube can be.
Now you will probably be thinking, "He's lost his marbles". But I honestly felt inspired by this book and just wish I had access to the sort of scrap available in the book. If I find that I enjoy making assemblages as much as I think I will, I shall be visiting the local scrap yards - if I can talk my wife into letting me have a part of the garden to keep piles of rusty old metal parts. It's difficult enough to convince her that my paper scraps etc, are the price of my chosen art media.

And one interesting thing he was originally a painter, and found his way into assemblages, the story of my life (sorry art) so there is a precedent to my art direction.


Anonymous said...

what an amazing stash you have!!!
i love the old numbers!!!
please be sure to post anything you might make...:)

Linda said...

I got excited just looking at your pile of goodies. I can't wait to see what you make with it all. Yes, do use the scissors.

If you enjoy it, you might inspire me to try it. I have some stuff I've mulling over for sometime.

Anonymous said...

Wow, found you thru the yahoo artist trading card group and LOVE your trash stash. I wish I could have an outdoor space to "age" things as well. Unfortunately life here in NYC does not offer private outdoors. I do find a fair amount of stuff on the streets (much to my husband's chagrin)
Will be checking back to see what you do with it all. May even track down this book, looks fantastic.