Monday, 23 August 2010

A display holder for little "row houses"

Wow, it seems to have been such a long time since I posted on this blog. I have been so busy putting together a consignment of paintings for a new craft/art shop, Fair Wind Studio. My good friend Nancy is opening a small studio in a recently re-opened mall in Ohio and I was invited to send a consignment of artworks for sale in the studio. You can see a few of the aceo paintings I have done recently especially to go in the initial consignment in my blog painting with John. Best of luck to you Nancy, I hope all goes well.

In the meantime I have not been doing much in the crafting line, but I did make one of these; a display holder for some of the row houses which I have been swapping.

These photos show the end results , you can see one of the sides of the accordian folded holder have pockets for the inchie row houses and the other side has pockets for a larger set of row houses. A tutorial for the construction of this display holder can be seen on PDA. this very closely follows an original tutorial from Kim Newberg who runs PDA.

I am very much hoping to try another very shortly in which I can display atc's. The pockets are not transparent because many of the row houses have lots of very tactile embellishments and it is all about being able to handle the displayed items. thanks for looking.

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nancy said...

Thank you John! I'm overwhelmed by your beautiful shipment. Success to you!