Sunday, 18 July 2010

Look what I have won ...........

Wow, just received a wonderful set of crafting goodies from Kim Newberg at PDA. I won them in a contest which required linking blog posts, etc back to the pda site  within a given time frame - as simple as that. Something I always do anyway when I am posting anywhere, "simples!!!!", as the meerkat would say.

Well as it turned out it became a contest between two of us as to who would make more links. I started off a clear winner but Jean Roman came up very strong and we actually finished neck and neck. Kim managed to give us both a prize. And what a prize!

Here is a list of the contents of two boxes of goodies:-

Box 1

a package of assorted paper napkins,
a package of 12 large manilla shipping tags
set of 4 chip board hearts
a lovely paper pack with a variety of papers from 6 x 6 square down to 3 x 3
a paper bag book kit complete with ephemera, ribbons, lace, embellishments etc to creat the entire book.
12 pack of burgundy oval buttons great for embellishing
3 piece vintage clothes pegs
5 piece vintage milk pods/tabs
a wooden picture frame (wrapped in tissue)
25 piece daisy flower embellishments
4 piece vintage wooden thread spools
10 pack of wooden dominoes
15 piece game pack with bingo card and game pieces for embellishing
10 pack coin envelopes
20 piece vintage wine labels assorted

Box 2

Bingo cards
10 piece tissue paper pack
10 assorted craft fibres
2 ribbon cards
a package of mini envelopes
a package of mini bingo cards
some recycled doll arms (its creepy but great for altered doll fun)
a package of large christmas tags
6 pack of rose fabric buttons
assortment of large silk flower die cuts
a package of little pink flowers
assorted diecuts package
assorted diecut clock arms
a wooden box
a paper pack assortment
a package of fabric bags for gifts
a package of premade painted tags and atc blank
a blank art book
a package of stamps
music note chipboard tags
a package of chipboard frames
some vintage book pages.

and here are some photos of the contents, not sure if everything is included but more  ( and more detailed) photos can be seen on the PDA site

well there it is, a wonderful haul and now I am off to wallow in it. So much fun sifting thru it all and imagining what to do with it. I have a few ideas ( now, now; keep it clean) and will be posting the results a soon as is practical. Means you get to see them if the ideas work out. Thanks Kim and thanks to you all for looking.