Saturday, 17 July 2010

thank heavens for digital collages

Yep, my knee is still playing me upand our good old health service is passing me around, no nearer to having anything permanent done to fix it yet. But at least I have my PC and am really getting into the weekly "Play with Crowabout" collage challenges on Flickr . I am finding that digital collaging can be great fun and I don't have to worry about making mistakes. Just learn from experience and SAVE after every modification. Anyway here are my latest two collages created with the free download tool, Photoplus. I have version 8 and it should be available from the Serif software site. Like many suppliers they have more advanced versions and their software is at very reasonable prices but I have found that I have everything I need in the free download. Of course there is always the "industry standard Photoshop. Lots more help on the web for this expensive tool.

the great thing about this challenge is that you have to work with a given set of images. You can use other images as long as you use at least three  images from the challenge sheet. I always like to use as many as I reasonably can. The titles of these pieces are to be seen in the images themselves.

If you are into digital, why not give this challenge a go? Thanks for looking.

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