Saturday, 3 July 2010

A little out of my depth with textiles

The current challenge on the Artful Ideas group on Flickr is to use textiles and fibres to create an ATC. Well, I do use these items (sic) in a modest way as embellishments but do not remember working an entire card from textile. However, how difficult can it be? Coming from someone who can't even thread a needle that is a rhetorical question - thank you! But that nice lady Nancy Torsen, our leader on the group did suggest that adhesive might be a way forward.

I used a "damask" type of material ( yes I have collected a few scraps and this one is just like our tablecloth) to cover and fold around the back of a card base to stiffen the atc. On the back I placed a piece of red, "satiny" material ( no, I don't know any other way to describe it but it was shiny) to cover the top cloth where it was wrapped around, so that it would stay in place. I glued them down ( don't ask!!!) and left it under a pile of heavy books to dry overnight.

I had decided to stamp an image on the front and build up fibres and ribbons, etc around it. As it happened I bonded a pink ribbon to the bottom of the card and put a large lace ribbon over the bttom half of the image. Just for contrast, I put a green./gold ribbon under the lace. I then used a fibre-wrapped frame to put over a small mirror, and added sequins, a faux gem and a small heart to encircle the head of the figure. Sometime the plans and sketches I make are thrown aside and I just go with the flow.

I did not find this easy ( nothing to do with changing the plans) as it did not feel right for me. I fel that I will not be deserting paper-craft just yet. But at least if got made and I hope that it will be appreciated for what it is. Thanks for looking...........

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Deborah said...

Well done for venturing manfully into the unknown, John :-) I think it looks great!