Tuesday, 15 June 2010

collaged atc's; cut it up, stick it down

Collage is mostly about cutting ( or tearing) up an image and using it in a composition to create a pleasing or meaningful piece of art. This weeks challenge in Artful Ideas on Flickr, was to cut up an image and then rearrange it to create an ATC.

I toyed with the idea for some time and decided to use images of some old paintings for this challenge and repurpose ( if that's the word) the art. I printed out some small scale images ( atc size) from some larger works ( of the order of 12 x 16 inches) and played around with the possibilities. There may be more to come having got this far, but the entries to the challenge are shown below:-

For the first atc, I simply cut up an image of a pastel portrait and then stuck the pieces down on a background paper. I did not consider actually taking out any of the original image so that what you see is a sort of expanded ( or exploded) image. I could have taken out some of the image from the cut areas and left the overall size of the image intact, but with bits missing. I intend to try this with the same image and see how it compares. I have been told that the emotion in the face is changed by this first procedure, I wonder how it will be affected by the second.

The second atc was more involved. I cut up two different landscapes, a welsh village and a seashore scene and then put them back together fairly randomly. The main image was a figure study cut up and reassembled to seem as if it is floating on the backdrop.

I enjoyed this challenge and as I said will be playing with it to create a few more atc's in different ways, thanks for your time.

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