Tuesday, 1 June 2010

getting down and digital

Still not able to get to my "srudio" because of the knee so have taken to using the PC and doing a little digital art work. Both of these were for  challenges on PDA ( paper and digital art by Kim) and make use of the free images offered by Kim Newberg. One of the useful things about these challenges is that Kim gives a months worth of themes in advance and therefore there is plenty of time to get to grips with the composition and then the business of actually doing the work.

I call this "Das Eugen Haben Sie" my poor translation for "The eyes have it". It is in german because the background text ( lyrics) are in german - seemed right, somehow. The background / eyes and the vintage gentleman are available free on PDA. The girls faces are from the Flickr collage group

This one I seemed to go mad with. The background is actually a montage of 4 images from the flickr collage group, by ArtByChristi and luvs2create2. I rather liked the way it turned out and for a while wasn't sure that i wanted to cover it - always a danger for me. The vintage lady was from frannie60, and the borders and tags from Norma Frances, again from the flickr group. The ivy and the vintage doll image was from PDA.

Hope to get back to sticking things down soon, but I have an X-ray arranged and may have to have a knee replacement. keeping my fingers crossed. In the mean time I guess that there will be more digital art work coming from me.

PS just realised the german is worse than I thought... eyes is augen not as I have spelt it on the card, oh well I will correct it asap.


Deborah said...

Love your digital work, John - and glad you found an outlet for it. Hope the knee gets better soon!

nancy said...

John, these are really good work. I especially like the first one (augen?). I've been doing a lot of digital lately too, partly because I'm trying not to make such a huge mess in my studio! When I start looking through all my scrap and images, my ideas start flying around and pretty soon I have little piles everywhere and can't even figure out why I put them together! So just now, I have a very clean workspace and am happily learning more PP techniques.
DO keep me posted on your prognosis and treatment.