Saturday, 29 May 2010

out of action - almost

I am currently suffering from a knee which won't do as it is told. I recently twisted it in a fall whilst gardening and it has set off my arthritis. A problem because my craft space/studio is in my roof space and requires an athletic ladder climb. In other word I can't reach my bits and pieces. Oh nasty missus!

But today I managed to get along to a spring fayre at the residential home where MIL is now living. All profits go to the residents to provide the littlte extras, so one has to spend, spend and spend again on these ocassions. Now I have recently bought " Secrets of Rusty Things" by Michael de Meng. Secrets of Rusty Things: Transforming Found Objects into Art I was knocked out by his approach and the art works he creates; I would recommend this as a good read even if you never intend to do more than papercrafting - it is so inspiring. I have decided to try out some assemblage art and aquired a few frames and an old barometer at this fayre. I also bought another old book, a book of poetry from 1920. Just the ticket for adding textual background material. Here are a few photos of my aquisitions:-


The largest frame is about 6 inches high

The diameter of the barometer is about 4 inches

An awful colour but some nice vintage poetry

I will of course be posting details of my experiments with this "NEW" art media. My first real attempt at real 3-D art was the mermaids garden - I feel I have learned a lot since then, so am expecting great things a la MdM - watch this space.


nancy said...

What a fun bunch of things you found. I've been hearing about MdM. Look forward to seeing what you do. sorry about the knee! Hope it is well soon.

Jan said...

NICE FINDS John! I always feel a sense of achievement when I discover bargains like that. I too have the de Meng book and was initially full of inspiration, but nothing has transpired so far! He does some fantastic things.
Hope your knee improves

Artyfax said...

Thanks ladies.

Jan, I have also bought a book byJane Ann Wynn ( Altered Curiosities) which outlines some techniques to make mostly jewelry, giving a similar style of artwork. It was simply the inspiration from MdM which had me so fascinated and wanting to do more 3-D art. I have also had a bucket of bits from my garage sitting in a dmestos solution for some time getting nicely rusty. I am very nearly ready for some experiments in this area/medium.

Artyfax said...

sorry can't spell "domestos" a chlorine based bleach if anybody is not familiar with the trade name

Sherry said...

Great buys John! Hope your knee gets better soon - and meanwhile plenty of time to go though your new books!