Wednesday, 26 January 2011

It's That man Again!

Hi, It has been some time since my last post, not because of a lack of interest (LOL) but I have had some serious surgery - a complete knee replacement operation. It has kept me away from the PC screen for anything but the shortest of sessions as I could not comfortably sit at the computer. My PC desk has a cupboard at the front hence nowhere to put my legs.....

I am now at a stage where I am well on the way to recovery and am starting to pick up the pieces. So where to start?

One project ( a swap really plus!). On PDA we are making a book, the project will last 13 months and each page will be swapped between pairs of the artists involved. The themes for all the pages and the partners have all been published so we know where we are going. At the same time we are making a duplicate ( not necessarily the same as the first) which we will keep to use for ourselves. So we end up with two books at the end of the project. Of course how we arrange the pages in our own books is up to each of us individually.The following images show the end covers and their reverse sides.

The first is based on a background, collaged using brightly coloured torn paper. The marbled paper was given to me by a friend, Lynda Gilchuck, find her on PDA. This is the front cover:-

The front inside

The back cover

and the back inside

A little out of the ordinary (?) but definitely a style which is recognisably mine, I think. The second set of covers was more of the sort of thing I imagined that was more traditionally accepted in mixed media art.This is the front cover:-

the front inside

the back cover

the inside back

The last image is slightly spoilt by the reflection of the flash in the metallic charm, a female head - side on. I gave my partner, Kim Newberg, a choice of which set she wanted and she chose the first ( colourful) set, saying that it reminded her of myself.

Apart from crafting, and I have knocked out (?) a number of ATC's and altered pieces this past few weeks, I have been adding Lenses to my tally on Squidoo. Most are art related, especially ATC and aceo, but there are cookery and music related lenses. Too many to link directly here but the links will take you to examples from where you can find all my lenses if you are interested. I will provide a fuller list in the near future.If you don't know Squidoo it is a publishing site for which you get to share in the ad revenue generated and can get royalties on any items that are sold through your own lenses ( Amazon, Zazzle, Cafe Press, Ebay and All-Posters are the main affiliate sites). I am looking forward to generating a small passive income for my retirement. Some members report earnings in the area of four figures each month, but I wouold imagine this is quite rare.

Back with more soon, thanks for reading.


Jinny Holt said...


Sorry to hear you have had surgery BUT glad you are now on the way to a good recovery!! Well sounds like you have kept yourself busy on the crafting front.....crafting cures all I say lol



Artyfax said...

Thanks JInny, nice to hear from you

Sherry Edwards said...

Ouch!! Sounds painful John! Glad you're well on the way to recovery now.

Your PDA book sounds like quite a project - love the pages you've shown here.

Artyfax said...

THanks Sherry, yes those of us taking part should each end up with two wonderful handmade books

Tam Hess said...

Thanks for the encouraging words about my ATC's! Yes, they were out of my comfort zone somewhat so that's probably why I was having a bad day! :) Hope you are feeling better. Great Blog!

Eclectic Works said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog "Art Frenzy" and commenting! :) I was checking out your work...Great compostitions! Keep up the Cool work!

Clare said...

Wow you have been busy ceating.