Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Great April Giveaway

No, not me but its even better, you may have seen a previous post where I detailed the contents of a goodie box from Kim Newberg , this one on PDA (Paper, Digital Art and Images by Kim).

Kim has now got a giveaway on her blog, Art and ImagesbyKim which promises to be even better. Do yourself a favour by browsing over and making a comment, extra entries for simple tasks/promotions.

The draw will be at the end of April - don't miss this opportunity or you will be kicking yourself in May.

1 comment:

kim aka imagesbykim said...

Thanks for the post John! I sure had a good laugh this am when I read your comment on my blog, I think you pretty much got it all covered!
Now just keep sending them over to comment and hopefully that will give you many more entries!

Good Luck! and again Thanks!