Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Selling my art on-line (2)

Continued from the last post.

Another direction that I am exploring is to sell the images, rather than the art, which also includes photographic images. I take many, many photos with my digital camera and this boosts the number and scope of images I can use on my Zazzle stores. Zazzle ia "print-on-demand" site which means that you can buy anything from Tee-shirts to tote bags, mugs to mouse mats, and even posters and wraped canvasses. Mny more products are available. A Zazzler ( like me) can upload images and design any of the available products then put them up for sale. Each sale earns a royalty ( from 10 to 50%) and it is also possible to earn referral fees for linking buyers to the site. These are actualy higher than the royalty payments, a better way of earning money for those with an associate account. All free to set up, no selling fees - only royalties to you, and no hassle with posting or buyers. Sounds like heaven!
My latest sale is a Tee which I designed for a buyer who liked one of my ATC's on Bonanza. A humerous look at pole dancing lessons.

Just another taster, my latest product is a wrapped canvas designed using an old pastel painting which I have slightly modified in photoplus, my digital manipulation software of choice. It's cheaper than photoshop!

Down on the farm wrappedcanvas
Down on the farm by ArtyfaxProducts
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OK, that's it from me on selling, it hasn't changed my life style but every little helps; now where have I heard that before?


analia cristina said...

hi,this t-shirt is incredible!whit a strong personality,and your magic picture is delicious!!!A cordial greeting!!!

artistamyjo said...

Love the t-shirt!

kim aka imagesbykim said...

John I love this! It looks good on a black tee