Saturday, 3 November 2007

My latest installations!

I thought I would share with you today some photographs of my latest art - this time installations.

I have recently been conned into helping my son move house and I was able to use some of the "found" objects to build a number of installations. They were I am sorry to say only temporary so there is no chance of enabling a tour of this work after the main event at his new house.

I have included four photographs from the "ground floor collection" :-

The first is entitled, "under the stairs" . Note particularly the suggested triangular composition and the references to my son's musical leaning.

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The second is called, "Living Room" . Here there is a humerous reference to the fact that there is actually no room to swing a cat. Note especially, the dining room table moved into this installation to facilitate the first (and only planned) installation in the adjacent space.

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The third photo is called "Behind the Doors" . One end of the dining room where I could actually step inside to take this picture. If I had swung round thro' 180 degrees I would have been faced with a six foot wall of cardboard boxes - not a good subject for a photograph, I think you will agree. better left out of this collection.

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Lastly in this little collection is, "In the Kitchen" . Not too much to get your teeth into here. But do note the fuit and the fridge door providing an excellent counterfoil to the cardboard boxes and the washing-up bowl.

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I feel that this little tour is probably as much as your excited state of mind can take for now, so I will leave "the first floor collection" for another time. Please come back and look out for, "The Master Bedroom, The Landing, The Office and The Smallest Room" .
have a good day. John


antikva said...

We spent the last week moving our eldest, but I'm afraid I didn't have so much fun! Shredding tarps in pouring rain or daughter in rear convoy vehicle ringing [OMG my stuff will get wet!] about said tarps isn't as interesting *g*

Very nice temps :-) I think my fave from this collection is The Living Room.

Looking forward to seeing the rest.

Jafabrit said...

ROFLOL! what an installation! Next time we move can you do an installation for us ;)

Artyfax said...

I am afraid that I don't come cheap! and booking 20 years ahead is very helpful.