Wednesday, 26 December 2007

my first art doll, am I being led astray?

Well today is boxing day and I have been browsing the web. I found an art doll project which made me think I could show the ladies in my new web-art-group that I could make these too. The group has been getting into what they call Dottee Dolls ( using needle craft) and I have been left behind, not my fault that I am a male of the species.

I have changed several features and developed the design, it has turned out better than I thought for a first attempt. This one was to get some idea of sizes (e.g. how thick and how long should the limbs be?) and I hope I will now be making more. But what about my painting???????? It is crazy I want to paint but being creative is giving me so much pleasure that it is definitely taking a second place at the moment.

Anyway here is the beastie:-

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The head is a wine cork, crowned with a beer bottle top (the contents of both consumed by me during the day). The face is a photo from a TV listings magazine and the hair is from a feathery wool. The body is made from corrugated cardboard, hand-made paper and an open weave material symbolising chain-mail with a breast plate made using heat embossing powder. The limbs were cut from a eucalyptus tree in my back garden.

I intend to develop the idea further, if you are interested in more details of the construction leave a comment with an email address and I will endeavour to get them to you.


JafaBrit's Art said...

That is really cool!

Hey, got to go along with how the creative muse takes you. :)

all the best

Artyfax said...

Thanks Jafagirl, I want to follow your advice but......