Sunday, 11 May 2008

three new ATC's (Make it Mondays challenge)

Hi, its late and I have spent a glorious day in the garden, getting quite a lot done and it is now looking good. Note to myself.... must post a photo or two! Anyway, I have just discovered the Make it Monday challenge on the Go Make Something site (Lisa Vollrath). I actually came across it 3 or 4 weeks ago and did a digital image of Desperate Dan. I decided this weekend to start doing the challenge every week and thought as a first step I would catch up with the last three weeks. I have done so and wanted to get them on to the blog this evening, its time for a new post anyway.
Here they are, I actually found this to be quite difficult because I usually work from whatever I find which gets my creative juices running. So it was a real challenge. I may not have made three "great" works of art but it was fun and I think it taught me something.

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The first was to do something with the theme of music. I found this difficult since I did not have the right images to hand but turned it around slightly (artist's licence) to become a card around Dance.

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The second was to use a quotation... I again took a slight liberty and used the first two lines of a poem by Margaret Houghton. the main imagaes were heat embossed, a very new technique for me so it was a little bit of practice.

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The last here is based on the colour RED. I call this holiday dreams. One of the reasons that I was keen to do all three was that I have been tasked with the job of writing about my ideas on the subject of the use of themes in ATC ( or any art). We tend to use the word loosely and although the above are said to be based on themes, I am more concerned with a theme within the art work. But that is for a future post. For now I hope you enjoy the images.


Mandy C said...

great work. great to see a bloke blogging their art :-)

Mandy C said...

i think i've only ever stumbled across 2 other male 'crafters'

and yes would be good to see your garden, i love garden shots. nature is wonderful


really really love the music one John. great piece of work

Linda Blondheim said...

These are all really beautiful.

Stacy Davidson said...

Hey John! I thought I would take minute and check out your blog!

Wow! great atc's. I've done some of these and they are really fun. I went to your site after you left and comment on mine. I make it a point to visit other's blogs after they take the time to leave one on mine. Keep up the awsome work.

BillyWarhol said...

these are great love da Music + Red*

;)) Peace*