Saturday, 5 July 2008

Awards for my blog

Well my head is expanding!

I have just been given two awards, one of them for the second time. Several weeks ago I was awarded the Art-y-Pico award by Wendy but I never found the time to pass on the award to the 5 sites as I should have done, so I let it slide - naughty me. I now find that Linda has awarded me the same honour. I will have to try and sort out passing this on.

I have also received a second award from Joey, the Premio Brillante weblog - 2008. I have placed both award images on the RH sidebar and now have no excuse for not complying with the work involved in passing these on.

One of the reasons for my intransigence is that I am landscaping my rear garden. The accompanying photo shows a pebble path running down one side of a lawn which has been used as a depository for pots of pots and other paraphenalia.

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it was taken a little while ago but last year our neighbours cut down the hedge and put in a stark brown fence. I am now in the process of digging up the pebbles, and planting the shrubs from the pots ( not an easy job!). I am having to dig up and sift out the pebbles so that I can reuse the earth. Dig a number of very large holes for planting and afterwards intend to reuse the pebbles around the shrubs. Ouch - it is back-breaking! But will I hope be worthwhile. So please bear with me ladies, she-who-has-to-be-obeyed has different priorities to me and the digging and planting has to be done and finished this summer.

Once again thanks for the recognition,

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