Tuesday, 8 July 2008

it's monday its green

I am still managing to keep up with the Make it Mondays challenge, I find it easier to make two or three when I am doing these. The reason I like doing challenges is because I have to think outside my usual comfort zone. Green for instance is a colour I would never normally use, no reason but perhaps I use it too much in my landscape paintings.

Here are my offerings for the theme this week - Green:-

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Title:- "The wrong kind of green". I like in the UK where we have train companies making excuses like, "the wrong kind of snow or the wrong kind of leaves" and as I put this collage together it just seemed to fit. Quite a busy collage but I think I like it. the background was done using a technique of painting with a credit card (in my case a spatula) from the Go Make Something site. I have shown results of this technique in previous posts.

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Titled: "Sshh! What are they saying?" The background this time was a sort of tie-dyed blotting paper which I had in a free trial pack (sorry the name of the supplier escapes me at the moment) and which I am trying to make use of. The theme is again superceeded by a humerous theme. I am now going back to my roots in collaging, where all my original work had this humerous side. This is my favourite of the three.

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Title,: "I said he had a large plinth". Another attempt at humour! This one I feel is unfinished and I only include it here for completeness, having made a set of three. the couple are standing out too much and probably need knocking back and some connection between them and the statue needs to be added, especially as their picture isn't complete on the LHS - the man is cropped and seems unsatisfactory. This picture is from the ARTchix Studio and their laser printed collage images are much stronger than my ink-jet printed downloads. I will edit this post when I have finished this to my satisfaction.

Well there you have it. see you next time.


Sarah E. said...

I REALLY like your sense of humor (and your art is great, too!)!!

My name is CINDY...... said...

I love funny too john so please don't ever give up your roots!! I also love green, but I agree it is not always an easy colour to use.

Mam said...

I love the funny ones. Sometimes when I do them, I wonder if anyone "gets it". It's almost like I need to label them "This is supposed to be funny." Thanks for sharing your techniques, too. I always enjoy hearing about the process.

doudy said...

Well surely because I come from a different culture!!! but I didn't get the last 2 ones SORRY
anyway I like your Art works
And if you do these trees excercises I'll be happy to post them on my Blog


take care
and keep in touch