Sunday, 6 July 2008

A new ATC: Chinese girl

Just been playing around with some acrylic texture paste which I bought to use on my watercolours about 12-15 months ago. Never really used it at all - another waste of money. However, I have started to experiment with it on some ATC's and wanted to post this as it is one of the first using this material. Called The Chines Girl (- LOL my titles are as creative as my ATC's)

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The photo is a little soft (focus) as I scanned it and the 3-D elements lifted the image of the girl off the glass. I heavily layered the ATC backing with the paste - about 1-1.5 mm thick and before it dried imprinted a large circle with a rubber stamp. the paste was too soft to leave an impression of the stamp but gave a wonderful texture reminiscent of 'artex' ceiling effects. I coloured the whole piece with a lilac paint and then painted outside the circle with black acrylic which left some of the background due to the heavy texture to give a great effect.
I had a couple of chinese coins which I felt matched the circle, so decided to use the image of the chinese girl and a little chinese text. The faux gems, buttons, wire, wool and fabric flower were all chosen to complement the colours and composition.
All in all I think I like this one, it is a little busy compared to my usual style but seems to work. The texture paste did not after all play a significant part in the final design but the textured circle directly led to the whole coming together.


Sherry said...

I like it John, looking good - especially with the texture (but, no - don't mention Artex - as in ceilings!)

Mam said...

I do like this. It's different, but you are a man "after me own heart" when it comes to trying odd things. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Love your work.