Saturday, 11 June 2011

A craft doll from my chequered past

I have been ruminating (yes it is legal) on my artwork from the past few years. One of the reasons is the desire to do more three dimensional art work, and I have realised that to meet various challenges that I have made more 3-D stuff than I realised. A doll (although male), a small assemblage from a tin and using mainly paper images were the first two items which I tried in this gendre. The doll was made for a challenge on a private group on Yahoo ( my first group on the internet), which is now unused since most of the members migrated to Flickr. It was my first attempt at anything other than a simple collage, and at that time I don't  think that I even used 3-D embellishments, etc. So it was a big step toward becoming a mixed media artist. Not a very inspiring piece but as it was the first, I still have it hanging on my studio (?) wall. Here it is:-

It was made according to instructions given in an article I came across on-line. I seem to remember that I declined to enter into the on-going challenge but when I found this I made it just to show the ladies in the group that I could make a doll. I was the only male and it seems that the ratio has been very similar ever since, whatever group I find myself in. The face by the way is an image from a magazine stuck to a wine cork.

Well time to decide what my next project is going to be, and of course i will post it here what ever it looks like, success or failure.

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The Altered Paper said...

I love your first piece of art. Thanks for sharing!