Tuesday, 24 November 2009

vintage books to be scanned

I came across a couple of books not long ago meaning to use the as text pages for my collage work, however both have some very interesting photos and images which I now intend to scan in and make available on my flickr photostream.

the first is a book called the Romance of modern inventio by Archibald Williams. According to ABE Books, it was published in 1907, however it does mention dates as modern as 1909 - obviously a reprint and updated version. there is for instance in the mechanical flight section mention of Bleriot's flight across the English Channel but not the first flight across the atlantic in 1919. So if it is a reprint it must be pior to that landmark in aviation history. Here is the cover of the book

the romance of modern invention

and a typical modern vehicle...

horseless carriage

This book is actually in very good condition perhaps due to the fact that it was awarded as a school prize ( from the head of Durham School, 1931) and was treasured by its recipient.

The second book is A history of everyday things in England 1066-1799. It is actually two volumes in one cover and was published 1917. Written and illustrated by MArjorie and C H B Quennell.

A history of everyday things in England 1066 - 1799 ( two volumes in one cover)

a typical colour illustration, showing 17th century costume...


I intend as I said to scan more illustrations / photos and graphics from these books and place them on the flickr photostream for use by anyone who would like to use them for craft / art work. As both books are from prior to 1922, there should be no problem with copyright if I understand the legal issues properly.

If you do use any of these images, I would appreciate a heads-up to see what you have made of them, thanks in anticipation.


The Scrappy Tree said...

Great images, thanks so much for sharing!

Viv's Visuals said...

Ooooo these look good John.... will be helping myself on Flickr!!! LOL

Naj said...

I adore old books and ephemera, in fact I collect it. What a great idea to share on flickr! I really like the cover design, typography and fascinating title: "The Romance of Modern Invention", just fabulous!