Saturday, 28 November 2009

New watercolour painting - "graveyard shift"

Well... never quite got around to completing the wip paintings in my recent post, however I have finished another painting. The reference for this work was taken from a photograph ( not unfortunately mine) of St Just-in-Penwith, Cornwall which was published in Leisure Painter in 2001. Again, I used the technique and methods which we were shown by Barry Herniman. I love the strong coloured, transparent washes and the object of this technique seems to be to get these washes to interact and put in just enough detail to make the paintings interesting.

I called the painting, " Graveyard Shift", a view from the church across some old gravestones towards the village.
It is about 20 x 16 inches, on 200lbs "not" paper

graveyard shift

I still need to work on this technique, but I do believe that I am starting to get something from it. I certainly like what I am doing, and judging by the comments I am getting elsewhere, so do other people. Anyway, it is giving me enough confidence to keep plugging away. ....Just one problem with this is the halo around the moon. I must try to do something with it.

off now to do a little crafting...


Pattie said...

You have certainly captured the atmosphere,I love the different colours with the dark backdrop,I have always admired this sort of style too,but for the life of me cant do it,I think you really need to be inspired,I can tell you are, this is great.

Artyfax said...

Thanks PAttie, I did find the demo by this guy inspiring, first time in mamny, many months that I have been painting "proper" sized paintings